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Mystereo Pkz Rules

Player Rules                                         
1. No Spamming.                                            
2. No asking for peoples passwords.               
3. No auto clicker/typer.                                   
4. No scamming other players or staff.           
5. No swearing.                                               
6. No causing conflict over ::yell                        
7. Luring is not allowed.                                    
8. No advertising or giving out sites/links.              
9. It is forbidden to play the server with a cheat client.                  
10. Duping or being suspected of having dupes is not allowed.    
11. No weapon glitching.
12. Respect the staff of Mystereo Pkz                                                         

Staff Rules (Player Rules also apply)                              

1. No spawning items for other players.                                 
2. No banning/mute for no reason.                                          
3. Must have respect to all players and be fair.               
4. No helping players defeat Bosses with pring.                   
5. No using pring in PVP                                                     
*If you see an Administrator or Moderator Abusing their powers please report them immediately by sending a private message to either Chris or Sizux.(In game or Forums)*

Forum Rules  (Player Rules also apply)                                                       

1. No hacking anything in anyway.                              
2.No swearing or macros.                                                        
3. Don't make Spam topics or posts.                            
4. No asking for free items.                                       
5. No advertising other sites.                                    
6. No stealing or asking for others passwords.              
7. No asking ANY personal information.                        
8. Having an inappropriate name. 
9. Respect all Mystereo Pkz Staff